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Friday, February 29, 2008

Moms And Dads

Would love some help with this one. What're some things your Mom or Dad does to try and "connect" with you? Like saying: 'Look, we both wear calculator watches,' or 'You sing like me.'

Please lemme know. Don't hold back. We all know we're insane. Good ones go in the book.

Happy healthy weekend to all.


Anonymous said...

When I'm stressed out about work or something is weighing on my mind, my mom tells me that I fret just like her. This is usually in an effort to get the full story out of me and make me feel better about whatever's going on.

Also, she uses the fact that we're both fussy about our hair as a bonding mechanism.

Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

My wife's mom loves to compare her and my wife's fashion sense. "Oh yeah, we're both sweater girls." "But we never wear grey." "We're just rough on our heels."

Uh it drives me insane!


Unknown said...

My dad says "What did I send you to university for?" every time we're working on a problem.
The funny part is, I quit university (civil engineering) after a few years and now I'm a designer.

WILLIAM said...

My mom says I get my facial hair from her.

MarkyMarker said...

When we're watching wwe wrestling on tv, my dad always comes in and begins comparing the current wrestlers to the wrestlers in his day and asks if anyone still does the moves they used to do like the full nelson and the tornado spin.

Anonymous said...

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