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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comicon Report

Just now back from taking my son to Comicon for the first time for the full indoctrination. And while so much of the fun of Comicon these days is bitching about how good Comicon used to be in the old days, lemme just say, it's still a wet dream for me. I did one panel, but avoided all meetings, all interviews -- and just spent days talking comics with my boy and taking him to see Iron Man armor, Cap's shield, dead Green Lantern bodies, and even HR Puff n Stuff (to make me feel young). Puff n Stuff! Plus lots of time at Legoland and the San Diego zoo.

Special thanks to all those who came to the panel with myself, Paul Feig, Chip Kidd, Whitney Matheson and Michael Uslan. Was convinced that -- being up against Green Lantern and Harry Potter -- it might just be the five of us there, but you saved us and made our collective months.

Also, super thanks to the marketing guy who let my son in to see the Tron arcade even though it was officially closed. I didn't ask for any special favors. I didn't play the "I work in comics" card. And unlike the reporter guy who snuck in behind me, who was insisting that he works at a "huge site," and hinting that he'd get them free press or crush them below his heel, I just stood there and told the truth: "My boy just digs Tron." So thanks for that. You brainwashed him the best way of all: with kindness.

I know, I know, collective awwww. But still, Tron! Plus, HR Puff n Stuff!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meltzer's Greatest Dance Mix

Last night was my wife's 40th -- and in honor of it, I spent the afternoon reassembling the original greatest dance mix known to humankind -- the mix that was used in every single college party I was at: Please Meltz Don't Hurt Em.

Admittedly, it was missing a few of the songs from the seminal mixes -- Meltz E. Fresh -- and the controversial Meltz E. Soul (c'mon, iTunes, like I'm gonna buy the whole De La Soul album to get one song. I forever boycott such dickishness).

But with this, you will be able to recapture your youth. Special thanks to the Notorious W.E.I.S.S for helping recreate it (it was like building Frankenstein -- with lighting and thunder and extra Miami beats). Enjoy the weekend. And notice how I slowed it down in the end...just for you...

Please Meltz Don't Hurt Em - Greatest Dance Mix to Humankind by Brad Meltzer:

  • Apache, The Sugarhill Gang
  • Supersonic, J.J. Fad
  • Bust a move
  • IT takes two
  • Baby got back
  • Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
  • Peter Piper, Run-DMC
  • Joy and Pain
  • Party Up, DMX
  • Big Pimpin', Jay-Z
  • It's Tricky, Run-DMC
  • Work It, Missy Elliott
  • Poison, Bell Biv DeVoe
  • Mercy (feat. The Game)vDuffy
  • Let Me Clear My Throat, DJ Kool
  • Throw the 'D', 2 Live Crew
  • Give It to Me (feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado), Timbaland
  • The Show, Doug E. Fresh
  • Kiss, Prince And The Revolution
  • O.P.P.
  • Creep
  • Shoop
  • Tootsie Roll, Boyz
  • Just a Friend, Biz Markie
  • Keep On Movin', Soul II Soul
  • Double Dutch Bus, Frankie Smith
  • Going Back to Cali, LL Cool J
  • Rapper's Delight, The Sugarhill Gang

Thursday, July 15, 2010

San Diego Schedule

Here's my San Diego schedule this year. I'm taking my son for the first time and doing no signings, no anything. Just a short panel and enjoying the rest of it as a fan. So here's the one appearance:

Saturday at San Diego Comicon 2010:

12:30-1:30 Comics Across all Media

Paul Feig (creator of Freaks and Geeks), Chip Kidd (Shazam!: The Golden Age of the World's Mightiest Mortal), Whitney Matheson (USA Today's Pop Candy blog), Brad Meltzer (The Inner Circle), and Michael E. Uslan (The Dark Knight) are five superstars who make headlines in television, the graphic arts, journalism, novels, and film. But they all have comics in common. As they reunite for another visit, join them for a discussion of all things nerd. It'll be like a 21st century Breakfast Club -- but with even better references. Moderated by audiobook star Scott Brick (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant). Room 24ABC