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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Freaks And Geeks

The Freak: me in New York yesterday. After six years, had a new author photo finally taken. The guy from Milan who they hired to do the makeup (I am not kidding you) said to me as he was doing my eyebrows: to look beautiful and look natural, takes a lot of work. [insert Italian accent for maximum effects]

The Geek: me. Again. At the sales meeting for the new novel. Got to meet Paul Feig, Freaks & Geeks creator. Could NOT stop myself from gushing. Walked through every single one of my favorite moments from every single episode. Without question, as anyone who knows me knows, it is my favorite show ever on television. Very excited about his new young adult book.

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Martin Maenza said...

Brad, awesome to hear you are a huge Freaks & Geeks fan. Meeting Paul Feig was definitely a highlight day then. Man, I miss that show.