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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Power of Thank You

Here's the story of one of the craziest, most rewarding experiences of my life. From my trip with the USO. How one soldier changed my life. [Parade Magazine]

Friday, January 11, 2013

Decode This!

You asked for it:  Solve the puzzle below -- and the first five people to email me at: bradmeltzer44 AT get decoder rings.

X Marks A Spot In Easy Code For You To Read:

P - 1
X + 1
I - 5
F + 8
U + 1
N - 1
M + 6
K + 3
C - 4
M - 1
F + 3

Thanks to pal and veteran puzzlemaker Mark Danna for this puzzle. He co-writes Mensa's annual page-a-day puzzle calendar, so if you like this, go buy those.  He's also the author of more than 25 word search books and writer of the syndicated newspaper puzzle Wordy Gurdy.  Where'd I meet him?  Games magazine.  For personalized crosswords, word searches, and other puzzles, contact Mark at wordygurdy10 AT

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Decoder Rings!

Remember last year when we tried to get you secret decoder rings and couldn't? Well guess what we just got? That's right. And next Tuesday in New York, on the publication day of The Fifth Assassin, we -- with the help of our judge John Hodgman -- are going to attempt to break the Guinness Book World Record for “Most Secret Decoder Rings Worn in One Place.” And, yes, we're supplying the rings!
When: Tuesday, January 15 at 7pm
Where: Barnes & Noble, Union Square - 33 E 17th St, New York
Why: C'mon, we're giving out free secret decoder rings, and we're all gonna use them at the same time. This is my nerd dream come true. Also, with Hodgman acting as our official judge, it'll truly add some brains to my brawn.
Why else: I'll then talk and sign copies of THE FIFTH ASSASSIN!