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Monday, March 03, 2008

Shilling For A Friend

When my first novel came out, I was sent to Houston, Texas (a city I love), but which still retains the title for my worst signing ever. For the first hour, no one came. NO. ONE. Not one. I felt so bad for the bookstore manager, who is still one of the nicest around. Then, in hour two, my friend showed up. With her mother. We had a total of two. I apologized over and over for not being able to draw more people. But it really was a great time. And some truly healthy humility. But the other highlight of the trip was the one radio station that had me on. It was a show hosted by Danya Steele, who, merely by agreeing to interview an unknown author for his first book, became a lifelong friend.

And so...since she supported me when, well, only two people did (hi, Marla and Mom!), I'm shilling for Dayna, who just released her first book: Rock to the Top -- What I Learned About Success From the World's Greatest Rock Stars. It's fun. She's fun. And it's got a foreword by Gene Simmons (who we love just for reading JLA on his show), so I'm sure it's got great stories.

Anyway, please support it and read a free excerpt at:

And to Houston, Texas, maybe this is the year to finally come back.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Brad. come to Houston and I'll bring all my friends this time! Dayna Steele and

Anonymous said...

you did better than I. At my first signing, no one came. Not one soul. That said, I learned quite a bit about marketing today and made a very interesting discovery.

Best of luck to Dayna Steel and her new book. I'll check it out when I have the chance.