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Monday, October 30, 2006

Win a trip with Brad to DC

For the past month, The Book of Fate has been read by kind citizens and students in the state of Florida as part of the Governor's Read Together Florida program. So how does that benefit you? Well, if you win the contest they're sponsoring, I'll take you on a free trip to Washington, DC. Really. No joke. And all you have to do is enter. No purchase necessay, though the only catch is you have to live in Florida. But if you win, we're going to the Capitol, sis.

All the details are here:

See you in DC.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Brad reads you to bed

And so, with the tour over (though still a few spots left in Austin, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Miami, plus the Broward Library this Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 2 pm), here's the official bookreading from The Book of Fate.

It's Chapter 1 with a few edits and cuts...and without our audio version and master-reader Scott Brick's baritone He-Man voice (my favorite reading in the country is in LA, because Scott sits in the front row, looks up at me, and as I read, shoots me a look that says, "You suck at this, pasty-boy." That's an actual quote from his raised eyebrows).

And so...

The podcast is here:

And iTunes users can access The Writers' Block via here:

Special thanks to The Writers' Block in San Francisco -- and please go support them because they do much good. Much.

Butterfly kisses,


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New JLA art

Okay, of all the geek thrills, here's the best one lately (though still tough to beat the guy at who comped me for free movies forever -- man, I owe him big). Below are four new beautifully drawn pages from Justice League of America. Issue 1. That's right -- the ones the spectacular Ed Benes already drew.

Here, they're redrawn by new star Marcelo DiChiara. Why? I have no logical explanation, but boyo, do I love when someone sends me stuff like this. Like seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

A few years back, I asked if we could do something like this -- where different artists redid the same scene so we could see the view. So here you go...the of charge.

And thanks to Joe Prado for passing these along.

Love and mushiness,


(click on images to enlarge)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Thank you

After five weeks, twenty-five cities, thirty events, and one book-signing at a Wal-Mart with a star from Days of Our Lives who was so ridiculously handsome, I almost kissed him...I'm finally home from the book tour. Without a doubt, the single best part was all the love and support I got from you, our family and friends. This wasn't just a book tour -- it was a movement, and at every stop there were people who came up and told me that they heard about the book from this friend, that family member, this cousin, that sister. I can't tell you how much that meant to us.

Even the Days of Our Lives guy was impressed (although he had 200 fawning women in his line, while I had three friends from Illinois in mine. Total. Lesson: don't compete with soap stars). But all easy jokes aside, what happened -- what's still happening with The Book of Fate -- you built this. You did. And you're the one who should be taking a bow.

As I've always said, there's only one name on the cover of a book, but only a fool thinks it's a one-person show. So thank you for being part of that show. Thank you for buying the books and the comics, and for sharing them with so many others. Cori and I are just humbled by your love and support -- there's NO WAY we could do this without you.

Truly hope we get to see you soon. And sending lots of love and thanks your way.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


A little "October surprise" for you.

This is the second part. Trust me. It makes the first one look like...whatever it is.


Brad Dancing

This is the spookier than Casper, but the funniest thing I've seen all week. Oh, how I love this.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meltz E. Fresh

After nine years, a radio show finally asked me to select my favorite songs to play during a book interview. You know how long I waited for that? It's the music lovers dream--you get to play Casey Kasem--you get to play YOUR music and people listen--like sharing your ultimate mix tape with the world. And I love mixes. My entire four years of college were filled with mixes, especially dance mixes. Here's the list of them, and promise, all of these are real (sadly):
  • Meltz E. Fresh
  • Meltz E. Soul
  • Bell Biv DeMeltz
  • Please Meltz Don't Hurt 'Em

I will say, Meltz E. Soul was designed to be the ultimate make-out mix. Never worked. Too much Prince, not enough Keath Sweat.

So...below is what we played--and HUGE thanks to rock legend and DJ G. Brown from Colorado's KCUV for giving me the chance.

For those who want to hear it in it's entirety, with full commentary, you can stream it at this Saturday (October 7th) at 8 a.m. Pacific time. That's Pacific time, east coasters.

And so, here's the list (with the caveat that these aren't the greatest songs I'd ever's the list that fits their rock format...and therefore doesn't include MMM...Bop and all the Salt n Pepa songs from Meltz E. Fresh. But it does include Blues Traveler, who played in our kitchen in college. Really.
  • Faces - Ohh La La
  • Mixed Bizness - Beck
  • Run Around - Blues Traveler
  • Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters - Elton John
  • Away - Leroy
  • A Little Respect - Wheatus
  • Overkill - Colin Hay
  • Tripping Billies - Dave Matthews Band
  • Superman - Lazlo Bane
  • Paradise City - Guns & Roses
  • Drift Away - Dobie Gray
  • Salisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
  • Mississippi - Sheryl Crow
  • Scar Tissue - Chili Peppers
  • My Name is Jonas - Weezer
  • Theme from The Greatest American Hero


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Go to the White House, Meet Elmo

Just got back from the National Book Festival in Washington, where the best perk is breakfast at the White House with all the other authors. So...the White House. Are the eggs and french toast sticks better in the White House? Yes. They are. Even the french toast sticks are better, and it's hard to improve on french toast sticks. From my reseach for The First Counsel, I knew they also of course would have tons of presidential napkins for us to steal (Done). But the true highlight? Got to meet Elmo. From Sesame Street.

Let me say, I love the Muppets. Jim Henson is a personal hero, so the chance to meet the puppeteer who does see the magic that close...THAT was the thrill for me. Here's his book, My Life as a Furry Red Monster by Kevin Clash.

Plus, as Cori was talking to him, he offered to leave a message on our machine in full Elmo voice. The Fonz is cool. Beck is cool. But Sesame Street is cooler.

Screw anyone who says otherwise.

Love to all. And the letter for the day is E.