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Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Want To See Your Child!

Did you videotape your child being born (I don't mean the gorey parts, or parts with nudity -- I mean the part where the baby is handed to Mom/Dad for the very first time. The nice for TV part)? You did? Great. Can it to us for free? I mean it. With Heroes For My Son approaching, we're again looking for help from the Invisible Army (read: all of you amazing people out there who over and over again help us). Thusly, as we make the first video for the book, we're looking for the following footage (especially that delivery room moment):

  1. any hospital footage of newborn babies and fathers/mothers being handed/holding the baby for the first time
  2. a boy (elementary or kindergarten) playing with an airplane toy
  3. a boy with a video camera
  4. a boy performing a magic trick
  5. a boy playing with toy doctor’s tools
  6. a boy writing letters or doing “writing” school work
  7. an elementary school boy playing a musical instrument or a toddler banging on or playing with one, or singing with a real or toy microphone, or at a concert/pageant
  8. a boy in a grade school play
  9. a boy in cap and gown at elementary or high school graduation
  10. a junior high or high school boy giving a speech

If you have such footage, please shoot me an email and I'll tell you where to send it. As always, I'm at bradmeltzer27 [at] Or through facebook or twitter or anywhere else we pimp.

Much love and thanks for doing this. And yes, we're gonna try and make your little one a star. But in a good way.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dad's Surgery

Didn't want to post this until I knew the outcome, but just wanted to let you know that while everyone else was spending their holidays trapped in airports, we spent ours in the hospital, as my Dad had some open heart surgery. Was scary for a bit -- especially when his kidneys decided to stop working and he went into renal failure -- but thankfully, he bounced back and is now home and starting the real recovery.

I will say, it really did put the year into perspective. There's nothing like six days watching someone you love in the intensive care unit to make you thankful for what you have. And I count you as one of those people that I'm thankful for.

So yes, feel free to stop by his facebook page to post good thoughts and whatever other juvenile humor you know he likes best.

Otherwise, here's to a far healthier new year for all with far less hospital visits.