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Friday, December 03, 2010

Decoded Premiere

Thanks to everyone who watched the Decoded premiere last night on History Channel. And the love you've been sending means so so much. Can't even tell you how many times it's made bring the tears. The one thing I have to share is the experience of watching it with my family last night, all of us gathered around the screen:

Without question, my oldest son now hates -- HATES -- Harry Truman. In order of hate, it goes:

  1. Truman
  2. Nixon

Daughter watched for 15 minutes, then, bored, whispered to me, "When're you coming back on screen?" And walked away.

And youngest son spent ENTIRE episode playing new gift: a drum set. Yes. Drums. Nice quiet beautiful perfect night (with lots of hate for that bastard Harry Truman).

Love you much.