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Monday, February 07, 2011

Hugs for YOU

I'm now finally home after the long tour (me to my kids: "Hi, I'm your father. Remember me?"). And yes, there's truly only one thing that needs to be said: thankyouthankyouthankYOU for what you did for us when you supported this book. From voting on the original title, to facebooking the release, to coming out to events, to buying it that first week when the sales really count, and most important, for all the nice notes you sent -- it was ALL appreciated. Every darn part.

Last night, as we aired the last episode of Decoded (which sent my son to bed terrified that Florida will soon be underwater), all I kept saying to Cori was how lucky we felt to have you in our world. I've said it before, and I'll say it for everything we do: I know other authors have family and friends. But they don't have OUR family and friends.

So that warm fuzzy feeling you're now getting is coming from me (or you have a minor rash). I have no idea if Decoded will be renewed. For sure working on the sequel to The Inner Circle. But whatever happens, I'm sending you much love and thanks for letting us dream all the silly things we've been able to dream. And yes, I'm still trying to get a free car from History Channel. I've asked them for one for you too. No joke.

Love and thanks and even more mushy stuff,