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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wild Things

Saw Where The Wild Things Are last night. It has no business being great. But it is. So manipulative. So perfect. It just replays all the operas from your childhood, and for ten bucks, you have your childhood back. I will watch anything Spike Jonze does. Eggers too.

Also, I love this and I'm so jealous of them. Like seeing cool kids who you know could be your friends. I can just feel the Gen Ys getting started. Proof that they'll always be something new for us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Since I'm 15 years old, I've been eating at Jumbo's. I eventually married the owner's daughter. It is a Miami landmark, but it's also the best fried shrimp and chicken anywhere. That's right. Anywhere.

Sadly, because of the economy, it's been losing money by the handful. So take a look at this video and see why history will miss this one.

Click here (YouTube)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vote On The New Title!

Oh, yes, it's that time again -- Fall approaches, pumpkins appear, and my wife revels in the fact that I'm physically incapable of picking my own title for the next book. In my defense, this is a different kind of title, since it's the first non-fiction book I've ever done.

So first, please help us vote (pick one of these titles only -- and the description of the book is below, but don't read that until you vote). Which title do you like better:

Heroes For My Son


50 Heroes For My Son

Yes, I know they're similar. Just vote (you can vote below, or send an email to bradmeltzer44 at, or at @bradmeltzer on twitter). You vote? Okay, then here's what the book's about:

Since the day my son was born, I've been writing a book for him. It's a collection of heroes throughout history. Some are famous (like Jim Henson, Mr. Rogers, and Rosa Parks). Some are totally unknown. (In fact, if you have someone you're thinking of, send them my way). But the result is this book -- a gift to my son.

Yes, I know I'm mushy. It's for my boys. I'm allowed. (I'll be even more mushy in the book I did for my daughter, which comes out the following year.)

So there you go. Whatever it's called, it won't be out until May 2010 (yes, for Father's Day), so please vote now. And as always, thanks for putting up with this.