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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Lightning Saga Hardcover

Just got the hardcover for The Lightning Saga, which I think comes out this week (if I'm gonna whore and plug away, I gotta get better at this). But let me say this: working on that storyline -- especially with Geoff, who I love like a brother -- that was living the dream. All the hours spent playing "wouldn't it be cool if X met Y" when we were eleven were finally put to use. Dawnstar and the Hawks. Vixen and Gorilla City. Jay and Hal. Batman and Karate Kid. Wildfire and Red Tornado. All the character moments that I hope bring out the best in each character. Plus, we got to bring the old "real" Legion back, a detail that makes me as proud as can be (silly but honestly true). And we got to bring yet another character back in that lightning wand (see Geoff's current Action Comics story, which is breathtaking). I love these characters. And I love even more when we acknowledge the old stories that came before. Nothing makes me prouder as a writer.


SESchend said...

Thank you for bringing back the Legion I fell in love with 24 years ago. Your work and the current Action run is like meeting up with old friends.

Greybird said...

Dawnstar and the Hawks ... with SIX wings among them. For that alone, you'd have my immense gratitude.

With the rest of the original Legion, forgetting much of a twenty-year dystopic nightmare? Doubled and redoubled.