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Monday, February 11, 2008

Votes And Etc.

During the Grammys last night, I just couldn't take my eyes off Amy Winehouse. Really. And sad to say, over the past few months, my wife downloaded from iTunes nearly half the songs played on the show (which means all we're buying is the popular stuff). Oy, someone recommend some good music.

As for voting on the title, I think the total is just about in. Overwhelming response -- nearly two thousand of you weighing in. Just want to give the last few voters a shot (in the name of democracy), but hope to announce the winner soon.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I'm disgusted with music, I detox with a little Nick Drake.

Megan said...

When I tire of listening to the "popular" music I turn on a little Stereophonics. A most awesome British band.