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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spoliers for JLA/JSA

First, just want to make sure everyone saw yesterday's blog about the contest where you can recreate a scene from any of the novels. Really cool prize for the winner. Promise. Again, see yesterday's blog for details and for the example. Be famous! Win! Get the girl at the end!

Also, check out our MySpace Homepage ( for your votes on the next Leaguer. Thanks to Sam for setting it up.

And so...onto JLA/JSA...

Okay, there’s the 11th member. And now, wait till you see Michael Turner and Alex Ross’s issue 12 covers (with Flash tucked in there right below Wonder Woman). For those who want to know why Geo-Force is there too…Alex liked drawing Geo-Force and I wanted to see him do it.
As for the issue, first the most asked questions:

Did you and Geoff know Bart was was going to die when you wrote it?

To give you a sense of timeline, Geoff and I pitched all of The Lightning Saga well before either of us ever knew that Bart was being killed. We always wanted the crossover to have a big ending, and like the original Seven Soldiers story we were playing with (where 7 characters return), we wanted the crossover to end in life, by bringing another Flash back. Then when we found out that Bart was going to die (and let me be clear, I love Bart), it was just unreal timing. (And more on this in our Newsarama interview that’ll go up today).

What was Karate Kid saying in Japanese as he braced himself for the lightning?

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

What was the Interlac title for the story?

"The Villain Is The Hero In His Own Story"

Was Wally always the planned return?

Interesting. Who says the story’s done?

Who’s in the lightning rod at the end?

Man, that would be a really good excuse for another crossover.And as I told Vaneta over at Newsarama: All of you readers were amazing with the crossover. When the first issue hit, I saw dozens of posts with people explaining who certain Legionaires were, how their histories worked, and of course, how to speak Interlac. That was what I loved when I was growing up—that instant (and best) sense of community that the comic world could bring. So thanks for bringing that back for all of us.

Now, onto issue 11 and Gene Ha...



Colin said...

I have to say I was glad to see Wally, Linda and the twins back. Especially since I'd just watched their episode of JLU the night before.

frank said...

Man, Bart was so awesome... I need more Braniac 5!

Anonymous said...

Just to be difficult--I *really* enjoyed this arc, but the title of the last one actually had an Interlac typo: all of the Hs were actually Ls. In fact, the title read:

"Tle Villain is tle Lero in lis own story."

It's an easy mistake; the H and L look very similar, but there is definitely a hump on the L that the H lacks.

So, was this in fact an error, or is there some deep hidden meaning in the extra Ls?

Anonymous said...

The only meaning to it is, "This comic sucked rotten eggs." Fitting that a pile of continuity fanwank got something so very simple so very wrong.