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Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos and Fisher Price Peoples And Do The Right Thing

First, a note about the end of The Sopranos. Spoilers and shields up and all that...

No show had made me rationalize more than the Sopranos. When I hated Tony, I rationalized why I should love him. When the series dipped in quality, I rationalized it was Shakespeare and a brilliant character study (which it still somewhat is). And when it ends leaving me without yet another big death or revelation, I'm primed for more rationalizing. One minute after the ending, I was annoyed. Even pissed. But this morning, I'm settling... Part of me loves that he didn't do what we all suspected. But as always, different doesn't mean perfect. And so, as I mourn the end of one of my favorites, I again sit with my rationalizing self. I kinda like it more and more. And it kinda sucked. But in a good way.

Meanwhile, I'm kinda done with mash-ups, but this takes special attention -- simply put, I love my peoples.


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Todd said...

It was a great ending, because it showed what Tony is going to go through for the rest of his life: as Meadow, someone he loves more than life itself (and really, who doesn't because she is smokin hot) walks through the door, he still has to look up and wonder "Uh-oh..."