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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movies Make You Cool

Lots of good geek movieness to check out. Most of it may suck later, but if it's good, then you raise your coolness EQ by saying you found it first. If it's bad, you point to your disclaimers like this and get double points. So here are the top three:

1. 5-25-77 (trailer): the day Star Wars came out. I heart this kid played by John Francis Daley, who also played Sam on Freaks & Geeks. My favority show ever. Really, ever...

2. The Ten (trailer): my pal Craig says it best on his blog.

3. Where The Wild Things Are (pics): odds for most suckage, but we're rooting for it so hard.


Anonymous said...

Let the Wild Rumpus Start.

Colin said...

Wow, John Francis Daley has really grown up. his movie looks really good, "The Ten" not so much.