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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

JLA Hardcover

The first hardcover collecting JLA 1 through 7 (The Tornado's Path) hits today. Yes, it's got all the covers and that usual nonsense. But for the added dough we're asking you to fork over, it also has a commentary section by yours truly and the rest of the creative team (similar to what we did in the trade for Identity Crisis). Lots of original script pieces too so you can see how it really evolved, including how we asked Ed to make Wonder Woman's boobs smaller.

Haven't seen if they pulled off the gatefold/pullout pages from issue 7, but for those who couldn't make it to the comic shop on a monthly basis, here's the collected story for the first time.

And thanks to all who did buy them as they came out. Also, just got the thumbnail for the final issue (12), which is called "Monitor Duty." One day in the JLA life. The one thing they all have in common. Man, will I miss this book.


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