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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zero Game is...Alive!

Last week, the winner of my personal tour through the Capitol me in the Capitol. So, to commemorate, here's a reenactment of the scene from The Zero Game where Harris darts through the curator's office and is almost stopped by a handsome member of the curator's staff. That's me playing Harris...and dear friend Scott Strong playing the role of the handsome curator staffer (which is a stretch since he works in the curator's office as a staffer).

My favorite is the one where he's taking it on the chin. Let's see Shakespeare do THAT!


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Unknown said...

I actually don't know what I'm doing here; never blogged before! Loved your "Book of Fate."

I would be very interested to know what you really think about some of the history (?) linking the formation of the current type of masons to the repression of the Catholic Church hundreds of years ago. Dan Brown and others believe there is also a huge link to France that goes back even further. I'm sure you are familiar with all of this. Anyway, love to hear your informed views. Thanks.