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Friday, May 04, 2007

Free JLA

This isn't a post for the comic book readers. It's for the novel readers. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 5th), which means comic stores across the country are giving away...wait for it...FREE COMICS! (Hoo Yay!) So take the day, bring a couple kids (nieces, nephews, friends, or of course your own) and let them come grab-bag all the FREE COMICS!

For me, this is the single best day to get new readers: all the books are approachable, all are good, and all are free. Plus, you can also help the local store by actually buying stuff. And if you don't know where a local comic store is, go here:

And don't forget, JLA 0 is one of the freebies.


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Anonymous said...


I just went to the site to look for comic book stores in Chicago and the search link on the Diamond Comics page doesn't seem to be working. BUT the phone number is 1-888-266-4226 and it works well.

I can't wait to read JLA 0. :)