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Monday, May 14, 2007

NBC Fall Schedule

NBC announced their new 2007 fall schedule. See below.



8pm Deal Or No Deal

9pm Heroes

10pm Journeyman


8pm The Biggest Loser*

9pm Chuck

10pm Law & Order: SVU


8pm Deal Or No Deal*

9pm Bionic Woman

10pm Life


8pm My Name Is Earl

8:30pm 30 Rock*

9pm The Office*

9:30pm Scrubs*

10pm ER


8pm 1 vs 100 / The Singing Bee

9pm Las Vegas

10pm Friday Night Lights*


8pm Dateline NBC

9pm Drama Repeat

10pm Drama Repeat


7pm Football Night in America

8pm Sunday Night Football

In January:

7pm Dateline NBC

8pm Law & Order*

9pm Medium*

10pm Lipstick Jungle

*denotes new time period

Mid-season shows: in addition to returning series Law & Order and Medium, the network has ordered The Singing Bee (unscripted), World Moves (unscripted), The IT Crowd (comedy), Lipstick Jungle (drama)


The I.T. Crowd / Joe Port & Joe Wiseman / Moses Port & David Guarascio / Fremantle / NUTS / Joel Mchale, Richard Ayote, Jessica St. Clair, Rocky Carroll starring / Gail Mancuso directed

Logline: Multicam & single cam. Based on the British series about IT workers at a company.


Bionic Woman / Laeta Kalogridis / Jason Smilovic / David Eick / NUTS / Michelle Ryan to star / Michael Dinner to direct

Logline: A reconceptualization of the 1970's television series about a woman whose body is mechanically enhanced to save her life. This version will incorporate issues such as nanotechnology.

Chuck / Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak / WBTV / Zach Levi to star / McG to direct

Logline: This drama follows an average joe whose life is thrown into disarray when he ends up downloading the CIA's database into his head.

Journeyman / Kevin Falls / 20th / Kevin McKidd to star / Alex Graves to direct

Logline: Time traveler SAM LAWSON is dispatched each week to recalibrate an event that's off-line in the past while trying to hold together his life, family and sanity in the present.

Life / Rand Ravich / NUTS / Damien Lewis, Sarah Shahi to star / Dave Semel to direct

Logline: A falsely imprisoned cop rejoins the force a changed man and uses a Zen-like approach to both temper his rage and to find the connections that help solve the crime – doesn’t employ traditional investigative technique.

Lipstick Jungle / Candace Bushnell / Heline & Heisler/ NUTS / Brooke Shields, Kim Raver to star / Gary Winick to direct

Logline: Revolves around a trio of power-hungry, rich women doing everything in their power to maintain their status in NYC.

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