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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Loud Moviemouths

No crap, I had the idea for this over the weekend. Everyone loves to snitch. Rat bastards...


Movie Patrons Can Rat Out Rude Behavior
GRS Allows Anonymous Paging Of Manager

POSTED: 7:52 am EDT May 30, 2007

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Are you fed up with rude movie patrons? A major theater group is offering a way to tattle on them.

The Regal Entertainment Group has been testing small hand-held devices called "Guest Response Systems." Selected patrons can use them anonymously to page management when there's a specific problem.

The GRS's are wireless and have four buttons marked "picture," "sound," "piracy" and "other disturbance."

Company spokesman Dick Westerling said they have been used to report audio or video problems or to tell on someone who is illegally taping the movie. But he said most complaints have to do with loud talking and cell phone use.

Westerling said the Guest Response System seems to be improving "customer etiquette" in the 13 theaters where they've been since last summer. Now, he said, the company is adding them in 101 more locations.

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