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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Legion Newbies

Have been asked if I was worried using the Legion in Justice League would confuse readers. But been getting tons of emails like this. Just makes me realize how much great undiscovered work there is out there. And how fun the Legion is.


From Shane:

I had never been a big Legion of Superheroes fan as I had always seen their history as a tad complicated but since their involvement in this storyline I have borrowed a few of the DC archives of a friend, bought the Legion Showcase vol. 1 and the Great Darkness Saga and I can officially say that I am hooked. To me he legion is one of those books that was so ahead of its time, its unbelievable.

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Michael said...

So do you want to come write the Legion when the current writer is finished? I don't think you'd hear many complaints!