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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sneak Peek At Gene Ha's JLA

While researching The Zero Game, I went 8,000 feet below ground -- that's 6 Empire State Buildings -- straight down in an abandoned gold mine. It gave me my favorite scene from the novel. And now, it's the inspiration for JLA 11. The whole story takes place with two characters trapped. Nothing else to interfere. Just character character character in the scariest death-trap around.

Yes, it's an experiment. But I'm so glad we're trying it. Even if we fail.

So here's the first look at Gene Ha's incredible art and the stunning colors of Art Lyon. It's truly mindbending.


Gene Ha, JLA #11


Wolfie said...

WOW! This looks FANTASTIC! The concept behind the plot, as you describe it, is excellent as well. DC usually has good writers and artists on staff, but they seem more into the action/adventure element. While there's nothing wrong with that, I like my characters to have *character*, depth, perspective. A fast-paced plot, last minute saves can get stale if repeated ad nauseum. A good work of the characters break from the monotony of the action and adventure. Though adding all three makes for excellent writing and I'm glad DC's got you on staff.

Cannot wait for it! THANK YOU, BRAD!

Wolfie @

sammy.the.k said...

thats some gritty shit. Love Roy in JLA. Love it. Love it. Love it.

frank said...

Ooh... I wonder who's down there with Roy...? My guess: Black lightning. looking forward to it, the series is really good, dude.