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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Masonic Reviews

Just got a new review from a Freemason publication. The wild and sad part is the belief that they think they can't get press, but can only get it for the spooky stuff.


The Northern Light,v.38, No. 1 - The Book of Fate review

"To the author's credit,,,he qualifies his use of the Masonic fraternity in the plot and refers positively to our craft. The book contains 510 pages and was interesting enough for me to read it in three days...I found it to be stimulating, holding my attention from chapter to chapter, and causing me to read longer than I had planned...Isn't it remarkable that non-Masons are creating a greater interest in us than we have been able to create in ourselves with all our effort? If you are interested in reading gripping thrillers, you should be interested in reading The Book of Fate."

1 comment:

frank said...

"If yo are interseted in reading gripping thrillers..."? probably not gonna make it to the back cover, huh, Brad?