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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Byrne Hates Meltzer

Oh, the joy I take in this.

From Lying In The Gutter, Volume 2 Column 112


Brad Meltzer on Newsarama internet and comics. "Most positive is that we're all not alone as readers anymore."

John Byrne on his forum. "I would call that the most negative! And right there we see the danger of what happens when fans turn pro, and are unable to stop thinking like fans."


John said...

When one considers that in his next post on that thread John Byrne says, "the internet is, overall, a very bad thing," well...

Then what are you doing on it, John?

Johnny Bravo

Colin said...

You know you've made it big in comics when John Byrne starts talking smack about you.

Congrats, Brad.

Anonymous said...

Byrne doesnt like to be reminded that he has no friends, internet or otherwise.

WILLIAM said...

I have read the entire "thread" on Byrne's forum...He makes some valid points in regards to the aspect of Comics being somewhat solitary.
I think his point of fanboys becoming pros is way off base though.

I gave up comics a while ago I have not read any of your comics, I am a fan of your novels.( I have only read three so far and I am in the middle of my fourth) If the comics are anywhere near the quality of your work in novels than I think Byrne owes you an apology.