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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MacGyver Tip: Turn a C battery into a D with quarters

via Lifehacker by Gina Trapani on Jun 25, 2007


You need a D battery but all you've got laying around are C cells. Since C and D batteries are both 1.5 volts (they differ only in size and energy storage), you can build a makeshift D to C "adaptor" with a few regular, conductive, George Washington quarters. Just insert them into your gizmo as pictured and you're good to go. Photo by L. Marie.

Quick hack: The $1 C-to-D adapter [Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories via Hackszine]

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Chris said...

This is a really neat trick. I also look at the Instructibles (sp?) website for creative projects to try out.

Also, I am on pg 186 of The Book Of Fate. Have a three-hour flight from PHX to ATL, so I should be done later this evening. So far, it has been enthralling!