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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Patton, Comedy and Mayer

Lots of stuff today. First, best interview of the last few months: personal favorite Patton Oswalt talking comedy (and therefore life) at The Onion's A.V. Club. Love them. Love him. Buy his album. In my mind, he's all that's right with art today. He is who he is and never forgets it.

Second, in the theme of comedy, Tom Franck emailed me to ask you all to go check out the comedy competition he's in over at
Have to admit, haven't seen the video yet, but Tom is a friend of a friend and therefore someone I'm rooting for no matter what (I'm sappy like that -- go fuck yourself).

And last, this snarkfest story on John Mayer switching to the Blackberry. It was a much cooler story when I thought Mayer had actually dumped the iPhone for the Blackberry simply because he liked it better. This...not so much.


John said...

My desire to get an iPhone is simply borne out of the fact that it's a better PHONE than my current model. I'm not someone who uses my mobile device as an entertainment/information center or anything - I call (and, okay, text) people on it. I've used a cell phone to check my e-mail exactly twice in the 7 years I've had one. And I already have a video iPod.

But even just as a phone the iPhone kicks my A900 in the ass. Out of contract with Sprint in November...


Colin said...

I don't get why Patton Oswalt is so popular. Granted I haven't seen much of his stand-up but I've been thoroughly unimpressed with what I have. A lot people tell me, "You have to like him, he reads comics" which is absolutely the most asinine argument I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

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