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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

JLA 8 Cover Revealed

Seven days until JLA/JSA kicks off, so here's a peek at Michael Turner's actual cover. Also, just got the new covers for all the novel covers (publisher is redoing them all (from Tenth Justice to Zero Game) for when The Book of Fate comes out in paperback in 2 weeks). As I get the final images, I'll post them here next week as well.

Plus, wait till you see who's doing the intro for the JLA hardcover collecting The Tornado's Path...



sammy.the.k said...

im so f-ing confused about all this legion nonsense, johns better know what hes doing!!! (i am sure he does)

garv said...

Mr. Meltzer,

I rejoiced when I heard you had been given the reigns of the Justice League, and I have not been disappointed. It’s been great storytelling thus far, and although I am a fairly new DC fanatic, I love that you’ve focused so much on “B” and “C” level characters. I find that discovering DC history as I go along to be a large part of the fun, and I have never felt confused or left out by any of your narrative threads.

I should thank you for initially sparking my interest in the DC Universe (and my unnatural man-crush on Ollie Queen) with Identity Crisis. I grew up a Marvel junkie with a taste for the offbeat titles--Howard the Duck, Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, etc--but my loyalties now solidly lie in the DC camp. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for the crossover with Geoff Johns' JSA (another stellar book)!


sammy.the.k said...


Identity Crisis is what got me into DC as well!