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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thanks For The Hearts On JLA 7

Just a note to say thanks to everyone who has written me about JLA 7, and more important, who lasted through the first 7 issues to see the full story. I know we made you wait, and I appreciate the patience. Just really wanted to earn the League's return for all involved.

And for all those who have asked, yes, that's Karate Kid. Yes, he's here. And yes, the crossover is SO much JLA/JSA/LSH fun. I think we'll put the real cover to issue 8 up during the middle of next week, so get ready for the geekasms (or at least mine).

Also, just got the final pages for issue 11 from Gene Ha. This issue is a huge experiment for all involved, and at my most pretentious, really pushes what we can do with the medium. It is just stunning. Red Arrow and Vixen...

Three more adventures to go...



Esq. said...

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice...I'm so frieking excited about where the league is going!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meltzer, I gotta tell ya, that this is frickin' awesome you are using the Hall as the Justice League's HQ in your run on JLA. :D

I can't wait to see you and Geoff Johns' work on this crossover.