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Monday, April 16, 2007

New Cover 1

We're almost there -- one week till The Book of Fate comes out in paperback (April 24th), so here's the first look at the brand new covers for all the other titles. We'll do one a day all this week, starting with the first -- The Tenth Justice. (click the link and read the first chapter for free)

They worked real hard to give them a classic look, but without trying to make them look like every other thriller out there (which is harder than you think) -- (giant name, book title, eerie picture underneath -- ooh, never seen that before). Would love to hear what what you think. It's still brand new and my name's way too huge, so still looks completely fake to me. :)


The Tenth Justice


sammy.the.k said...

i really like it, but from a graphical sense i would have done black instead of that red...

Unknown said...

Really like the consistent branding. Also like the cover art choices a lot. The newest title's not consistent, though, right? Will it be for the mass-market paperback (or is this the mass-market paperback? I thought it might be the trade paperback edition.) In any case, looking forward to seeing the Brad Meltzer shelf at bookstores.