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Friday, April 20, 2007

Cover 5

And here's the finale -- the new cover for The Zero Game, which was written and edited just as I started Identity Crisis. It was my first post-9/11 book, and made crawling in the underground tunnels below the US Capitol even spookier. Also, I got to see my wife working in the Capitol firsthand. We all ask our loved ones, "How was your day?" We never get the whole answer. But I got to see it. I got to see her do what she loved. She went to work every day to make the world a better place. That's a big idea. Making the world a better place. My love for her outweighs all my pessimism about government.

Next week, we'll announce some more goodies...


PS and the doves on the cover, we asked for as much John Woo as possible.

The Zero Game


Anonymous said...

Mr. Meltzer,

I think that the covers match the books appropriately. Looking at each of them, there's a moment in each of the books that is reflected on their respective covers.

One of my personal favorites would have to be the new cover of Dead Even. That rush up the stares was something that played in my mind while reading the book.

MarkyMarker said...

Not really related to the new covers. ..I just got to the middle of Book of Fate and I have to say that I loved the absolutely brilliantly written scene of Wes having to watch the video again. Oh yeah, and nice shout outs to Geoff, Judd, and Greg...but who's Allan? I cant think of a writer. Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm going to miss your novels while you're writing JLA. Can't you do both?

P.S. Here in the Philippines, for some bizarre reason, I found your books under Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

sammy.the.k said...

Allan Heinberg?