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Monday, February 12, 2007

Identity Library Crisis

Just got word that the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), and the American Library Association (ALA) have chosen Identity Crisis to be on their 2007 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens list.

It's not the honor that really fluffs me up, it's this:

"The purpose of the Great Graphic Novels for Teens list is to encourage teens to discover and enjoy quality works of sequential art that are both engaging and entertaining."

Encouraging people to read comics. In the libraries. That's where I learned to love books. I'm so so thrilled to see they're arming themselves with comics. And that's why I love librarians. Really.



sammy.the.k said...

It is what got me into Justice League, and the DC universe for that matter.

I have been reading Marvel since I was 4, and never bought a single DC comic until I bought the trade of Identity Crisis.

Thanks to Identity Crisis I am now subscribed to Wonder Woman, JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, Supergirl, Flash, Blue Beetle, and Ion, on top of all my Marvel stuff.

Kudos to getting on the list next to awesomeness like Pride of Baghdad, Y The Last Man and Runaways (you and BKV both rock!)

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Scott H. Field said...

I was so intrigued by The Book of Fate when I walked into Waldens alone by the cover. Then I read the backside and I immediately went and found your section. It was a good and bad thing. I was glad to see the other books sounded as amazing as that one. I was upset to see only 5 books to read from you. I finished TBOF 2 days after the purchase. It truly was amazing. I never thought I would find a replacement for Poe and HG Wells but truly you have done just that. Absolutely amazing read. And when I went for my next book to read I went no further than The Zero Game and was equally impressed. The epilogue alone was worth the 10 dollars I shelled out for the book. Thank you for the read, Brad. Here is to hoping you squeeze out a few more books in the coming years.

WILLIAM said...

I have been seeing you name pop up here and there. I am looking forward to reading your work.

sammy.the.k said...

A friend of mine is a shriner and I bought him TBOF for his birthday.

frank said...

i first read identity crisis from a library. it's great, that's how i got into comics. marvel and dc should be giving books away to libraries.

Colin said...

I donated copies of both "Identity Crisis" and "GA: Archer's Quest" to my local library and I'm happy to report that they rarely sit on the shelf.

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kimberly sayer said...

Of all the things written about Mike Turner's passing, this is the one that got to me. I don't know why.costa rica fishingMaybe it's just that I always had my comic posters that moved with me...that became part of my home. Maybe it's just that I remember talking about this one with him.

Anonymous said...

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