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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider

Have to say, I'm shocked Ghost Rider did so well (though of course rooting for Jack & Bobby's Matt Long in it).

So...anybody actually see it? I wanna hear comic reader reviews.

Also, went to a great literacy event this weekend. Saw (huge name dropping coming) former President Bush there. Best part was him telling stories to the crowd that're in The Book of Fate. Surreal plus two.



sammy.the.k said...

My brother said this about Ghost Rider:

"Man I would be insulted if they said I was going to be Nicholas Cage when I got older..."

The movie was bleh, not sure if Punisher was better, but pretty sure Elektra was.

At least I have Spiderman 3, and possibly F4:2 to look forward to

sammy.the.k said...

PS. Bought the Book of Fate for my best friend's birthday (he's a Shriner)

Colin said...

The thing about Ghost Rider is that he's got a great design... but that's about it. no one has ever figured out how to tell a great GR story. The movie was okay, I really liked the inclusion of Carter Slade and the bit with the jellybeans and the Carpenters' song was funny but otherwise it did nothing for me.