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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video: Book Of Fate Signing In New York

Thank you to everyone in New York who came to the first reading and signing for The Book of Fate.

We look forward to seeing more of you at the upcoming appearances on the book tour.

In the meantime, here is a video of Brad talking about his visit to Bulgaria. Oh, and Wednesday afternoon we'll post the first interview in the Celebrity Blog Tour featuring Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of the TV show LOST.

Click here for the YouTube link or watch it here and you can also "Digg" this video on Digg.Com.



Anonymous said...

Wow I'm a Bulgarian and I do remember Brad's visit in Slavi's show. I must add the man has a great sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

This is true story. Slavi was best friend with one of the richest men in Bulgaria - Ilia Pavlov, who also was something like almost legalized mobb boss of highest level. Don't think he was envolved with drugs or other things like this. No, he was manipulating the government directly. Nobody wasn't surprised when he got shot by assasin right in the heart. Some felt that higher justise was served. But Slavi - he cried like he would cry for his father.
So don't you dare talk nice things about slavi. Don't you dare.