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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Adam Brody & Brad

Adam Brody, star of The OC and Thank You For Smoking is slinging the questions at Brad today.

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And now, here’s Brad and Adam Brody:

Adam Brody: Which is your favorite film adaptation of a novel?

Brad Meltzer: Okay, I see how you're playing this game. You're just gearing up to grill me like those guys you hate at TV Guide. The answer's obvious: Lord of the Rings. Everyone says To Kill A Mockingbird, but let's be honest, the book is better. Especially for Scout. Also, the last Harry Potter movie -- Goblet of Fire -- ranks up there too. Far better than the book, which I just thought ran way too long. Plus, Charlotte's Web made me cry.

Brody: Which is your least favorite?

Meltzer: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Best book. Sorry to say, they just shanked that movie.

Brody: Who's on the verge of a comeback?

Meltzer: Wonder Woman. Really. Don't believe me? Joss Whedon is doing the film. That's right. Buffy's brains...Serenity's brawn. All on the big screen. My wife said she used to spin around, praying she'd turn into her.

Brody: Most underrated movie?

Meltzer: A few years back, I'd say The Big Lebowski, but it's somehow thankfully now everywhere. I also think Go, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind were severely overlooked. But y'know what? Let me give my real answer. People hate sequels. I hate sequels. But I just saw Toy Story 2 again with my nephew. That and Rocky 3 (yeah, I said it) are just -- they're great. I mean it. Go watch.

Brody: What actor would you cast as yourself in your biopic?

Meltzer: You mean besides every flight attendant on every plane I go on telling me I look like that guy from ER? I say to them, "You must mean Clooney." They say, "No, the bald one."

Thanks to AOL for hosting the interview.

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