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Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Thirteen Again

This was sent to me this morning via the website:

Question: Posted by RaynerFan
Have you ever taken the time to consider that you might have writtensomebodies first comic, and that they are hooked because of you?

Answer: Let me tell you something – THAT is the most humbling, fantastic, terrifying, incredible throught that any creator can think – although only the pig-headed ego freaks actually think it. But man, what a reward.

During my trip to San Diego for Identity Crisis, a young thirteen year-old kid sheepishly comes up to the table and puts down his comic. I ask him his name and he steps backwards, purely by instinct, and bumps into his Dad, who’s right behind him. The Dad smiles proudly and says, “You’re one of his favorite writers.” The kid is even more embarassed – and as the Dad’s words reach my ear, I realize that this kid is ME. This is me at thirteen. This is my awkwardness. This is my love for the industry and for writing.

I can’t wait to stand in line at his table one day.

Four more days until The Book of Fate. Oy, this is when the sweating starts. I leave Monday for book tour. See you soon.


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