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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On a plane right now headed to Pasadena and LA, home of Kaysu Ya, my favorite sushi place (which I have the publisher pay for, which is good since I eat it twice a day).

The third week of the Superman auction was amazing, and baseball caps off to Frank Cho, whose Supergirl pin up proved just how much the world loves, in his words, those big corn fed Kansas girls. We raised over $7,000 alone just from that, with a week 3 total of $17,766

But this week is the big final one: the walk-on part on Heroes...the Jerry Siegel t-shirt...and have you seen the dozen new items, including George Perez's Batman vs. Captain America donated by Doug Welch.

I know we've put the word out in week 1, but in this final week, I would love if you could help us push the auction and site and video one last time on facebook, myspace or even just via antiquated email.

The site is:

Donations can be made here.

T-shirts can be bought here.

Hello West Coast...


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Katsu-Ya? I think there's four locations now - Studio City (original) Encino, Brentwood and Hollywood. The last two are the swankiest, but the other two are great as well. I'm guessing you already have reservations in Encino:>)

See you tomorrow.


Shelby Burch said...

Thanks for thhe post