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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Y: The Last Issue

Just back from NY, and the best part of the plane ride home? Reading the final, beautiful issue of Y: The Last Man. Brian knows my love for his work, but I'd be a putz if I didn't tell all those who haven't dabbled in the Y world, you really did miss something special. And yes, we always celebrate everything once it's taken from us (usually overstating how great it is as emotions take hold). But Y is worth celebrating. So don't forget to give the swan song some love shack tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation. I bought the first graphic novel a couple of years ago, got caught up and have been reading it ever since. Hopefully the movie rumors are true because I think it would translate very well to the big screen.

Anonymous said...

I've been picking up Y each month since issue #1. I'll pretty much give any new Vertigo ongoing a chance since so many have been great. I haven't been this excited/sad to get an issue since Preacher #66.