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Friday, January 11, 2008

Damon Lindelof - "Why We Write"

You all know we love Damon. And this is even more proof. I was asked about my heroes recently, and I keep coming back to one idea: that in everyone I admire, one thing is always true -- that they do what they love. Whether they love to sing or play cello or collect trains or write TV shows, that love is what's geniune. And being genuine is all.

And so, I'm so pissed I didn't write about this (though I did save the astronaut story when it came out becasue all of us writers are whores who use everything. Everything. Including, as you'll see in the next book, our own fathers).

"Why We Write": Damon Lindelof of 'Lost'

1 comment:

WILLIAM said...

That is a brilliant article. I love the pathological lyar part and the part about making dad proud.