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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Is Us

Judging by last night's costumes, Star Wars is slowing down, and the superheroes and pirates are going strong. Also, a big Harry Potter contingent. But the one thing I noticed more than anything else was the amount of adults in superhero costumes, especially moms as Wonder Womans and Supergirls. Is this just the insanity that is Florida? What'd you see?

Also, for the DC crowd, I'm at the JCC in Rockville on Sunday the 11th. See you there.

Also, after talking to lots of TV writers, when the writers' strike hits, guess where lots of those writers are going? Comics are going to benefit.

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Anonymous said...

Colorado had lots of superheroes--saw several Spidey's and Supermen--and a few Star Wars. It was only 30 degrees and most adults were covered with their coats, so hard to tell if the adults dressed up.

Fun night!