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Friday, September 07, 2007


Every day we need to remember where we're from. This email arrived this morning, after I recently spoke at a posh private school here in Miami. Thanks -- I so loved waking up to this:

i saw you today at greenfield. No offence but you didnt talk very excidingly, in other words you were BORING. next time talk more lively.

There are just so many great things to write back. Add you own here...


Colin said...

Please. Everyone knows the most posh private schools are all in New England.

Cushing Academy '97

Anonymous said...

Me no am boring. Me speak very excitingly. You am stupid. Me like pie.

Anonymous said...

Brad, boring? Are you kidding me? THAT is the craziest thing I've ever read!

Is the author a student, parent, teacher, or other school staff member?

The author of that email needs to go have words with his or his elementary, middle school, high school, and/or college English teachers. His or her teachers failed to do their jobs.

Is this the result of Pres. Bush's "No Child Left Behind?"

John said...

I would just send a polite note to the English department at Greenfield that reads

"Dear Greenfield English Department:

At some point you may want to teach your students the fairly important lesson of 'spelling counts.'



Johnny Bravo
Chestnut Hill Academy '95
(screw NE prep schools...)

Martin Maenza said...

Brad, while possibly soft-spoken, is a very engaging speaker. I had the pleasure to hear him at the Comic-Con in 2005 and his stories were wonderfully entertaining. He speaks from the heart and his stories ring of sincerity, not showmanship that so many others put on. Brad, just keep on being you.

sammy.the.k said...

Not sure if anyone goes to comixfan but they have been having this competition on writing characters.

Right now is the semi finals and my brother Ryan is writing Buffy, and he has been in the lead quite a bit with some comparisons to Joss.

Either way it is a neck and neck vote right now and it'd be awesome if people went on there and voted for him so he can get into the finals.

Click here to vote!

Itd be awesome if Brad voted since he will be writing Buffy soon! Cant wait for your run Brad!!

Ps. Come back to JLA ASAP!

WILLIAM said...

That is funny. A few days ago I wrote on my blog about how accessible you are...maybe too accessible huh?