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Monday, September 10, 2007

City Year

Haven't mentioned it in a bit, but we're still working hard to bring City Year to Miami. Had a big meeting last week and very excited to see all the local support. It's a wide view inside the nonprofit world, but Cori and I keep repeating the mantra. This is how you change the world...

If you don't know City Year, check out their site. One year. That's what they ask. Give one year to change the world.

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Anonymous said...

Brad, I ran across your website while trying to look up some City Year things. I did two years with City Year Detroit and am very excited to see it go to Miami! I currently work on staff in Detroit and I know that Miami is a place that I didn't realize needed so much help. Working in Detroit, everyone knows we need City Year, but Miami? It definitely doesn't come to mind right off the bat when thinking of places that need help, although is really does. Great to have your support and I know City Year Miami is going to kick butt and make a difference! Thanks!