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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NASCAR Lawsuit!

It's the Nextel punchline that kills me.


From The Consumerist.Com

AT&T Sues NASCAR Over Cingular Car's Logo

AT&T would really like you to know that Cingular is now part of the new AT&T. In fact, they are claiming in a lawsuit that by not adding the AT&T logo to the existing Cingular car (driven by Jeff Burton) NASCAR is doing "substantial and irreparable" harm to AT&T.

From USAToday: "AT&T submitted a mock-up of the paint scheme in January that kept the car's orange paint scheme and Cingular's logo on the hood. The only AT&T branding was its trademark blue and white globe on the quarter panels. But NASCAR rejected the design. What's the big deal? Well, NASCAR is sponsored by Nextel, and what Nextel says goes. Sorry, AT&T." —MEGHANN MARCO NASCAR, teams rubbing fenders in bid for sponsors

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