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Friday, March 09, 2007

JLA #6 Interview

From the post-game show I did with Wizard about JLA #6.


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Anonymous said...

Brad, I think I understand why people didn't like the Trinity sitting around the table.

Think about the first Indiana Jones movie. If you take Indy out of it, it's the same movie. The Nazis find the Staff of Ra, they get the ark, they open it up, and they die. Indy was completely irrelevant to his own movie. However, nobody in the audience noticed because it was such a wild ride.

The sitting at the table scenes had the same problem without all the excitement. If they'd been sitting around talking about sports or the weather, the team would have formed in exactly the same way. Black Lightning still would have met up with Hawkgirl and drug a villain to the Batcave. Black Canary and GL still would have picked up Roy for a mission (which they did before the Trinity even mentioned Roy). Vixen still would have smashed a hole through Amazo at the end of the fight.

So you really didn't do a different type of story than the traditional "they all get together to handle an emergency" team origin. It's just that you did it in the 5th issue, after several issues of the Trinity having a conversation that didn't drive the plot at all.

I get that it worked on an emotional level. It definitely added something to have them discuss what various characters have added to the League over the years. But I think the audience knew that the Trinity's conversation wasn't going to ever feed into the actual plot, and that's what they felt antsy about.

-Jason M. Bryant