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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meltz E. Fresh

After nine years, a radio show finally asked me to select my favorite songs to play during a book interview. You know how long I waited for that? It's the music lovers dream--you get to play Casey Kasem--you get to play YOUR music and people listen--like sharing your ultimate mix tape with the world. And I love mixes. My entire four years of college were filled with mixes, especially dance mixes. Here's the list of them, and promise, all of these are real (sadly):
  • Meltz E. Fresh
  • Meltz E. Soul
  • Bell Biv DeMeltz
  • Please Meltz Don't Hurt 'Em

I will say, Meltz E. Soul was designed to be the ultimate make-out mix. Never worked. Too much Prince, not enough Keath Sweat.

So...below is what we played--and HUGE thanks to rock legend and DJ G. Brown from Colorado's KCUV for giving me the chance.

For those who want to hear it in it's entirety, with full commentary, you can stream it at this Saturday (October 7th) at 8 a.m. Pacific time. That's Pacific time, east coasters.

And so, here's the list (with the caveat that these aren't the greatest songs I'd ever's the list that fits their rock format...and therefore doesn't include MMM...Bop and all the Salt n Pepa songs from Meltz E. Fresh. But it does include Blues Traveler, who played in our kitchen in college. Really.
  • Faces - Ohh La La
  • Mixed Bizness - Beck
  • Run Around - Blues Traveler
  • Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters - Elton John
  • Away - Leroy
  • A Little Respect - Wheatus
  • Overkill - Colin Hay
  • Tripping Billies - Dave Matthews Band
  • Superman - Lazlo Bane
  • Paradise City - Guns & Roses
  • Drift Away - Dobie Gray
  • Salisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
  • Mississippi - Sheryl Crow
  • Scar Tissue - Chili Peppers
  • My Name is Jonas - Weezer
  • Theme from The Greatest American Hero



sammy.the.k said...

You got some Weezer on there, thats pretty awesome!

Dead man walking said...

I lobe Sheryl Crow's veriosn of "Mississippi"! You may be the only other person on earth who has ever mentioned hearing it. Have a good weekend and enjoy your mix tape book signings!

Dead man walking said...

Not sure what happened above, but my spellcheck is on!

Not sure how you lobe something??