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Friday, October 20, 2006

Brad reads you to bed

And so, with the tour over (though still a few spots left in Austin, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Miami, plus the Broward Library this Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 2 pm), here's the official bookreading from The Book of Fate.

It's Chapter 1 with a few edits and cuts...and without our audio version and master-reader Scott Brick's baritone He-Man voice (my favorite reading in the country is in LA, because Scott sits in the front row, looks up at me, and as I read, shoots me a look that says, "You suck at this, pasty-boy." That's an actual quote from his raised eyebrows).

And so...

The podcast is here:

And iTunes users can access The Writers' Block via here:

Special thanks to The Writers' Block in San Francisco -- and please go support them because they do much good. Much.

Butterfly kisses,


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Anonymous said...

When I read a short promo about "The Book of Fate" in the newspaper, I was anxious to read it. My interest was piqued because of the Masonic reference. I expected a story woven through the past and present of this organization. Sadly, I was disappointed because the story line actually had little or nothing to do with the Masons.
The Three, even The Four, were simply greedy, power-grabbing plotters. It seems to me that, teasing your readers with references to "Masonic Intrigue" was just a ploy to get them to buy and read what turned out to be a rather mediocre political suspense novel.
On the back cover is a quore from USA Today, "Meltzer has mastered the art of baiting and hooking readers..."
Well, as the sayng goes, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."