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Thursday, August 24, 2006

TV Commercial - and JLA first responders

Just got the first look at the TV commercial for The Book of Fate. It's the first one with me in it, which also makes it the most strangely embarrassing. I was mortified doing it because it basically required me to say "I'm Brad Meltzer" -- no exaggeration -- thirty thousand times. Plus, I had to do it in that deep serious voice that makes me sound like the movie-preview-voice-guy.

I don't have movie-preview-guy voice. Never have. But I do now. Oh yes -- when you watch the commercial (I'll post it soon), they had to make my voice match the video, so they slowed it down and it got deepened into a slow rumbling baritone. Like me, only tough.

Also, for JLA, one of the first responses/questions I got:

From bluemeanie: I was wondering if you could settle a question that I have been debating on a comics forum with regards Vixen.

There are basically 3 camps on why she was included
1) Its a fairly obscure character you like and have plans for
2) Its a political decision to include a female black character
3) Its a commercial decision as she is in the cartoon
or maybe 4... a little of all the above

Answer: I'm sure there are people who would love to do it for 2, 3, or 4 (though see yesterday's post, been planning this since Identity Crisis) -- but c'mon, ask any writer out there -- only a fool wouldn't do it if they didn't like the character and have plans for the character.

And that's why EVERY character got picked. Love them. Plans for all of them. That's the seed in every story.


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When are you doing a book signing in Vancouver, Canada?