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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

JLA - Chapter 1

First a welcome:

To all the new readers showing up for the first time.

To all the people who actually read to the very end of Chapter 1 of the novel in JLA.

And of course, to the incredible group who haunts here regularly.

Welcome to all. Don’t kill each other.

As for this post, I do first want to talk about the League. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I only wish you could be in my head right now to see the thrill that working on this book brings me. The Justice League of America was the first comic I ever read. It made me a reader, and that, in so many ways, made me a writer. So thanks to DC for giving me this shot.


As for the new team, glad to see all the various reactions. Thrilled to see the love for the new characters. And believe me, for those characters not on the team, if space weren’t an issue – I’d love to have them all there: All the ones on the 2-part Benes cover – and even more that’re not on there.

If I were on this book for a limitless time, I’d let the first year just be the Big Three, plus Flash and Green Lantern. I’d love to do that team for a year – and then I’d let it grow in year two – and then I’d let it turn into this team in year three.

But with my schedule…a year it is, so here’s the very best of it. Now, to the few eagle-eyed out there, yes, I’ve been building toward this for nearly five years now -- since my first comic book arc, The Archer’s Quest. To be specific: Green Arrow # 19, page 3, panel 3 reads:

Roy: So you think they’ll invite you back in the League?

Ollie: No idea.

Panel Four: Same shot.

Roy: What would you say if they asked?

Ollie: Know what’s funny? You’re almost the same age I was when I joined. They should be asking you to be a member.

Panel Five: Same shot, but Roy’s got a blank look on his face. The comment hits home.

Panel Six: Same shot, but Roy looks back at the road.

Roy: You wanna stop for lunch?

Ollie: mmm.

It’s no different than Black Lightning and Vixen. Why else you think they appear in Identity Crisis? The Justice League or Avengers line-up we dreamed when we were little is within each of us forever.

Okay, so enough with the I’m-so-tricky. I’m not. You could beat me at Connect Four. Let’s save at least something for tomorrow, where we can chat the rest of the membership, overall reaction, etc. And for those looking what to read next, let me invite you to enjoy the brand new overhaul of the site.

What do people like best here? Judging by the clicks, the tour schedule (and yes, I’m happy to sign comics at all stops, of course), the essay I wrote about my wife, the piece about my sexual obsession with Terra, the big Q&A, and of course, The Book of Fate.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brad! First post, dude!

Congrats to you and Ed and all people involved in JLofA! ;)

Take care, bud!

Joe Prado

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Justice League of America #1. It surprised and entertained and I forced myself to slow down as I was reading it to enjoy it more.

I also surprised myself by reading the entire Book of Fate excerpt. I'm not a "book reader" nor have I been for the last 11 years when my daughter was born. Between the 11-year-old and the six-year-old, I'm lucky if I can finish a comic book. Having said that, I enjoyed the chapter very much. Enough to read the whole book? Maybe. Wanna watch my kids for me?

Thanks for the excellent first issue.


alschroeder3 said...

Glad to see Roy made it to the REALLY Big League. That's probably the most entertaining change.

Al Schroeder III

Joe Fielder said...

I've enjoyed everything you've done in comics so far, Brad. Keep up the great work.