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Thursday, May 03, 2012


Here's the winner of our SUBMIT YOUR HERO contest -- and the writeup I did that'll go in their personalized copy of Heroes For My Daughter. Tough to be grandma firefighter. Loved every single one that was submitted.

Maryann Frankson
Born in 1949, Maryann was the first female Emergency Medical Services squad captain in her hometown.
And the first woman who was properly trained as Advanced Life Support personnel in her fire company.
Along the way, she encouraged others, like her firefighting chief and her squad captain, to be trained in Advanced Life Support as well.

As a result, lives were saved.
Many, Maryann saved herself.
In fact, to this day, she helped create many of the laws that emergency medical services in New York State still adhere to.

But of all the lives she touched, the most vital were the ones in her family.
She raised her grandson and granddaughter.
She listened to their problems.
And taught them to give back to their community.

By the time her grandkids were sixteen, she helped them study -- and pass -- their own state certification exams.
Indeed, by encouraging them to join the fire company themselves, she gave the world more heroes and more lifesavers.

No question, they would be Maryann's greatest legacy:
Twin reminders of the power of kindness,
and the true power of a grandmother.

"Don't forget to put on an extra pair of socks so your feet don't get wet when you drain the hoses after your next call."
- Maryann Frankson

"My grandmother is my hero."
- Marie Frankson


Anonymous said...

This truly touches my heart as my father is a firefighter (fire chief actually) and he encouraged me to follow his footsteps. He is also the reason we have a highly trained group of people who are also responsible for the Rescue Unit from our area. After his father (my Grandfather) was killed in a horrible car crash in 1983, he pushed for the equipment and training to save many people since then. My heartfelt thanks goes out to this Grandmother for all she is and does!
Cynthia-Alberta, Canada

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Marla aka Juliette said...

Dear Brad Meltzer - Thank you for picking Marie's entry. It is truly from her heart, written with love. Her passion for life and history and her grandmother, and for sharing shows in this piece.

Anonymous said... it's new, pls comment. Ciao!

Debbie Havranek said...

Speaking as a family member of many firefighters, that is truly beautiful! Great Choice

Anonymous said...

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