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Friday, December 03, 2010

Decoded Premiere

Thanks to everyone who watched the Decoded premiere last night on History Channel. And the love you've been sending means so so much. Can't even tell you how many times it's made bring the tears. The one thing I have to share is the experience of watching it with my family last night, all of us gathered around the screen:

Without question, my oldest son now hates -- HATES -- Harry Truman. In order of hate, it goes:

  1. Truman
  2. Nixon

Daughter watched for 15 minutes, then, bored, whispered to me, "When're you coming back on screen?" And walked away.

And youngest son spent ENTIRE episode playing new gift: a drum set. Yes. Drums. Nice quiet beautiful perfect night (with lots of hate for that bastard Harry Truman).

Love you much.


Min said...

I join your son. And I'm from Independence, MO. ;)

Nita said...

I was so proud of you. I facebooked and twittered it all day then watched it and it was fantastic. Congratulations, Brad.

WILLIAM said...

I watched. It was a good show.

Tommy Tiernan said...

Brad, the show was great. Called my 25 year old son to put it on because he's fascinated that I'm a freemason - but he told me he was watching the LeBron/Cavs game.I said "The Heat are up 20!"And in an effort to appease his old man he said,
"Ok I'll flip channels-Goodnight Pops, you better get to bed its late.Love you"
If he was next to me I would've puched him. Instead I wanted to hug him.

Ray Hastie said...

The show rocks - finally TV which does not assume that my IQ and age are reversed. Congrats Brad!

Shani Lucas said...
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Shani Lucas said...

That was a great description of the premiere...looking forward to more!

chris said...

Mr. Meltzer,
First of all, let me say that I really enjoy the new show. As a Freemason, I thought you portrayed them well and with respect in the first episode. It seems that so many times, on television and in print, we are portayed in a dim light. Decoded was fair and honest...nice work.
Now, about my idea: in 1910 the Los Angeles Times was blown up allegedly by members of the Ironworkers union. There had been an ongoing labor struggle in the city and the Ironworkers, along with General Otis (the owner of the LA Times) were at the heart of the conflict. Eventually, members of the Ironworker's union were convicted and sent to prison. There are many things about this case that make it interesting but what may interest you is the fact that there are some who do not believe the Ironworkers placed the bombs. There was a known gas leak at the building, some of the important items had been removed before the explosion, etc. Some even believe that otis may have staged the whole thing in order to gain support for his anti-union agenda.
I would love to see Decoded investigate the story and decide who really blew up the L.A. Times. It's a fascinating story with many notable people involved. If you are interested in knowing more, please let me know.
Chris Fannin

Dan Raeder said...

I think you missed the mark on the latest episode about the Statue of Liberty. I enjoy your show, and I wonder if decoded means debunked.

JaY said...

Great show! Added to tivo

Anonymous said...

This show is outstanding! The subjects are fascinating and you and your crew do a great job of debunking and analyzing. I'm looking forward to much more!

Anonymous said...

Love the shows, but most just leave it without solving what was being looked into. Not all, but most have a lot of detail, but if you just bring up more details about the conspiracy’s, with no final result, kinda gets old. But you do put on a great show!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying the "Decoded" episodes. I have even gotten my husband to watch. I really enjoyed the Merriweather Lewis and John Wilkes Booth episodes as the questions they bring up could potentially be resolved with a little help from our government. I hope the show gets picked up for more seasons.

Anonymous said...

While I have watched the Decoded shows and enjoyed them, I think the researchers are as gullible as some of the people they "interview" to gather information. A LOT of theory and supposition is all that is decoded.

Matt said...

[Please accept my apologies for this comment being all-over-the-place]
Congrats Brad. LOVE the shows. Have watched everyone. Stumbled across the show, was hooked and haven't missed a one. Am now reading your books. Have read Book of Fate and then Book of Lies already. Loved them both! Anywhere we can submit ideas on topics for 'Decoded'? The Porsche is SWEEEET. Lastly, does your wife call you "Charlie" (as in Charlie's angels?)

Claude said...
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Claude said...

The Decoded team needs to cut back on the "WTF" looks when someone tells them a secret.
What did they think? That it was going to be everything they read about in the history books?
The show is called "DECODED".
Expect the unexpected....and lace up your jaw.

Richard Stilling said...

I would like to communicate with someone within your group who would be interested in something I have been researching for the past 30 years.
I am a retired FBI agent supervisor, and have had an interest in the Lincoln Assassination, starting with a minor role, as with most agents, at the time. As a result I began my research in the Lincoln Assassination. Is there someone I could talk or communicate with to explain further.
Richard Stilling

Anonymous said...

7 is the number of copmletion, that's why the statue of "liberty" is a shrine to the number. It is a symbol that the illuminati's establishment was complete.

If one check's the Mackey's Revised Encyclopedias of Freemasonry, one will find terms such as "Point within a circle" and "Baphomet" and "Riding the goat."

In the term Baphomet it describes the nights of the round table worshiping a 7 headed idol, called BAPHOMET, aka, SATAN.

Riding the goat is a term that was once used by witches who used orgies as a blasphomes mockery to summons Satan. It is said in the term the devil then showed up on riding on a goat due to his hooved feet. The term continues to say "Dr. Oliver, Accepted Scottish Rite, says that the Freemasons are accustomed to their lodges to RAISE THE DEVIL. and that the term RIDING THE GOAT was addopted by freemasonry after seeing the witches perform their satanic summonsing ritual.

I suggest that you all get up on some knowledge. It's time to turn over hidden truths. It's time to expose this GROUP of EVIL. Mr. Meltzer you can either help us in the resistance agianst the illuminati, or continue to brainwash the people that it is non existant... But if you REALLY do your homework, you'll find it is true....Denial is NOT the first step to awakening.

-occultism in music industry
-New world order
-Satanism in the Freemasons
-galactic alighment
-Pineal Gland
-Esoteric Agenda
-Food Inc.
-rBGH in milk
-Vaccinations with mercury aka "thrimersol" causing autism
-Infant indoctrine
-Illuminati Project part 1-200

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE BY WILLIAM BILL COOPER (rip, after the publication of his literature exposing his intelligence and collected knowledge on FEMA and Area 51, Mr. cooper was shot in the chest 18 times by his LOCAL COUNTY SHERIFF in his OWN HOME.)

It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA.
It's time to SAVE THE WORLD...and this can ONLY HAPPEN TOGETHER.

Anonymous said...


why does illuminati backwards in a search engine take us to the NSA WEBSITE!!!!


Kate Elizabeth said...

Where can I make an episode suggestion?

I think you guys should investigate Mel's hole.

The City of Here-After said...

Brad, Thanks for the show, especially the episode on Fort Knox! That REALLY took some balls! I really enjoyed the cameo from Ron Paul--I guess in the current media climate I should say that took some balls as well!

I'd also like thank you for your respect for the truth, and personally thank you for any and all attempts to make it known, irregardless of how exponentially hopeless that particular goal seems now & as time progresses.

You certainly are a rare breed, and a true patriot.

PPS. I read your fathers eulogy, although I did not have the pleasure of knowing your father, it was very moving, and I would like to send my regards to you, and to your family;

Thanks Again,
And I am looking forward to more DECODED! & reading your new book!


Jesse said...

I think you should fire that women on your show. I just watched your show on mount Rushmore. She should be ashamed of herself for saying she believes mount Rushmore is a monument for white supremacy. Abraham Lincoln's face is on the mountain for crying out loud!

Dennis said...

The FORT KNOX episode left me with a "begged question". Nobody asked how much gold is SUPPOSED to be in Ft. Knox. If DECODED were allowed in the vault and found "a bunch" of gold, who's to say it was as much as was supposed to be there? The show said Reagan demanded to see the gold, but how did he know all of what was supposed to be there, WAS there?

Secondly, even if Ft. Knox were found to be empty, I was not convinced that it would change the economic situation. The dollar is no longer connected to gold. It certainly would put another nail in the coffin of people's trust in government.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please decode William Cooper behold a pale horse. Bill Clinton named this man the most dangerous man on the earth cause he knew too much. If Clinton said this then there has to be validity to his book.

latinamericancupid said...

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Anonymous said...

I think investigating the sinking of the USS Scorpion would be an excellent episode. This major loss during The Cold War still has never been publicly solved. As a former US Navy submariner, I would like to see all the evidence presented, and a logical conclusion drawn.

ty said...

I just finished watching your show about D.B. Cooper on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I do have one question though that puzzles me. If Ken Christianson was truly D.B. then why wasn't any of the stolen $20 bills reported to the FBI when he purchased his home with cash since all the bills' serial numbers were recorded? Also what about the money that was deposited into his bank account? I would think that the FBI would have instructed all banks to look out for strange or out of the ordinary cash deposits after the caper.

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