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Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend in Pop Culture

Just back from a beautiful weekend in Charlottesville, so thanks to all who came to the Virginia Festival of the Book and introduced themselves. Was one of my favorite events in a long while.

On the plane, was submerged in pop culture, which really just seemed to be peeking since I was eating it all at once:

  • The end of Battlestar Galactica - Loved and felt totally satisfied (even ignoring my minor geek tweaks), and made me wish more shows ended before they overstay.
  • My MacBook (yes, made the switch 10 months ago), but this was the first time I felt it, when, in the airport, I realized I'd only downloaded half the Battlestar ending on iTunes and had to get the final half before I boarded the plane. Love the internets.
  • Favorite new show to replace Battlestar: Friday Night Lights. Football, jocks, remake of a movie -- all of these things kept me away from the show, but (and I'm halfway through season 1, so don't ruin it), this is clearly the best written show on TV for me. I love it. I love it. It shouldn't work, but it all does. Amazing that I love this like I love The Wire. (I said it).
  • Wrote the intro for Absolute Promethia (such goodness)
  • And just digging the hell out of Kings, by my pal Michael Green. Go support him!


Anonymous said...

I envy you that you still have much of Friday Night Lights left to view. The series only gets betteras it goes along. I also have to agree with you regrding Kings. The two-hour opener was awesome and the first one-hour episode was a worthy follow up.

By the way, I just finished The Book of Lies and enjoyed the hell out of it! I watched the shows in B&W as a kid. Now I have to drive by the house the next time I'm in Cleveland. And of course I'll purchase a t-shirt and donate...


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